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12 years of Palowiss

Since in 2006, the first LEMON SODA was officially launched, and it immediately set off a new global health drink.

In 2007, a new generation of automatic pressure relief bubble water machine series is on the market, excellent performance, easy operation, innovative technology and other advantages to win the trust of global customers. Leading the front of automatic pressure relief technology.

In 2009, with the convenience and good use of automatic pressure relief technology, we won the love of our customers. We began to transport our products and services to many chain coffee, Western food, bars and hotpot shops at home and abroad.

In 2010, we began developing many kinds of bubble water machines to provide ODM OEM services to Europe and America. In the same year, we began to offer our products to more Chinese household customers. Bubble water is no longer the menu of high-end restaurants at home and abroad.

In 2011, China's Qingdao production base was formally put into operation, with an annual output reaching 50 thousand units. In the same year, SODA MINI series of products were formally published.

In 2013, the new automatic double pressure TKF2.0 technology and CP300 pressure protection technology were developed successfully, indicating that the PALOWISS bubble water has a better taste and more stable and safe leaking technology.

In 2014, automatic double pressure relief technology TKF 2.0 and the new technology CP300 to start production, after half a year, PALOWISS series products have been fully upgraded. Through the original technology quickly seize the domestic and foreign markets.

In 2017, the new generation of fruit juice bubble water machine came out, and the global soda water machine ushered in a new breakthrough. The technology realizes the direct aerated function of the desktop bubble water machine to the juice beer lamp beverage.



Since in 2006, the first PALOWISS Soda Maker was created in TSINGTAO, CHINA.

 We are a young and dynamic R & D team, “Created In China” on behalf of us. It's no  "Made In China".

Through thousands of tests and market feedback. We are upgrading our products and developing more soda water machines. 

Our products are sold to more than 30 countries. We provide OEM and ODM services for our guests. 

We can provide customized solutions for every guest, from product experience to taste. 

In the global demand for energy, we protect green earth through technological innovation.

The Starting Lineup


Water is Life. Bubbles make life more fun.



Palowiss sodamakers

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